The Two Prisms That Evaluate How I Spend My Time

I'm running everything I do through these prisms:

  1. Does this activity move me towards my goals?
  2. Does this activity make me happy and joyful or does it aggravate me?

I was in a meeting this morning. Quality people. Interesting discussion. Found my mind wandering and wondering. I couldn't see how long term it would help me achieve my goals. Continuing would be unfair to the others in this group. I will find a way to graciously bow out.

An activity may meet the first condition, but not the second. There have been a lot of changes at my synagogue since they hired a new Rabbi last summer. I don't agree with what is being done. I don't like the person I feel like when I'm at services. It's not making me happy or joyful. Time to step away for a while and then reevaluate.

I place a big premium on these two prisms. If it doesn't help, then don't do it. If it aggravates me, then don't do it. And I'm big on not doing things that aggravate me.

Life is too short. Do what matters.


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